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Monday, December 25, 2006



Hubby decided to treat his two aunties an Iranian food since they loves Arabic food. So we went to Naab Restaurant on 24th December 2006.

We had Dolma as appetizer. Dolma is a combination of ground meat, herbs and split peas stuffed in grapevine leaves. Unfortunately they don't really like Dolma including me (except hubby) because of its sourish taste.

Then we had lamb shanks, an exotic persian dish amde of fine cuts of lamb shanks.

The lamb shanks is served with dill rice. We also had barberry rice. Barberry rice is a Persian style rice including barberry and pistachio stripes with saffron.

This is Dill Rice. Actually the rice is green color but when I took the picture, due to the lighting effect, the rice look yellow color in the picture. We had our first taste of Dill rice when we went to Mecca to performed our Umrah in 2004. We are flying by Iran Airlines and they served us Dill Rice and Barberry Rice in the aircraft. I don't really like the taste back then, because of its strong taste of herbs. However, the one served by Iran Airlines were rich in flavor and they have a lot of pistachios and saffron in the rice.

The above picture is a buttered rice served with lamb koobide kebab.


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